3D Motion-Tracking & Sonificaiton with the Microsoft Kinect (2013)

In collaboration with interactive sound designers Adrian Freed, John MacCallum, Vangelis Lympouridis and others at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at UC Berkeley, Naccarato explored the use of  3-D motion tracking with the Microsoft Kinect, in order to drive responsive audio environments for movement.  Experiments focused on the development of complex mappings between movement and audio, which challenge and reconstruct what the Kinect identifies as a (normative) human body in space.  Further, the research process queried the  intersubjectivity and material agency of both human and non-human agents at play in the sonificaiton process.

Initial experiments took place during the CNMAT’s Max MSP Workshop in Summer 2013.  Continued development during Autumn 2013 led to the creation of “X: Duet for dancer and Kinect, which premiered at the ReNew Digital Arts Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2013.

Video of Rehearsal for “X”

Responsive Audio Environments for Whole Body Interaction (2012-2013)

In collaboration with researchers at the Topological Media Lab (TML) at Concordia University in Montreal QC, Naccarato explored movement improvisation within immersive audio environments.  Interaction was driven via infra-red video motion-tracking and contact microphones on the floor.  Research interests for Naccarato centred on heightened kinaesthetic sensing and synasthesia for performers and audience alike.  The live reactivity of the floor via contact microphones both amplified and sonified shifts of body weight by performers, spurring an investigation of dynamic negotiations with gravity.  Through the development of behaviours and  algorithmic agency in the media, causality between human and non-human agents came into question.

Naccarato’s collaboration with the TML began in December 2012 during an intensive two-week “Whole Body Interaction Workshop”.  Collaborators included lab director Sha Xin Wei as well as sound designers Navid Navab, Julien Stein, Adrian Freed, Vangelis Lympouridis, and others.

Navid Navab and Naccarato continued collaboration during Spring 2013 in the Hexagram Blackbox at Concordia University, leading to the early stages of the production “Beneath the pavement, an ocean“.

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