What the body knows: Performance Practice as Research, Workgroup Convenor (2010)

Workgroup Blog: http://whatthebodyknows.wordpress.com

This  workgroup at the ASTR/CORD conference 2010 will provide a space for dance and theater practitioners and scholars to investigate performance practice as research.  Central questions to be considered through movement and discussion include: How is it that we perceive, construct and express meaning via our bodies in dance, theater and life? What is the relationship of embodied episteme with other ways of knowing, such as language?  Does kinesthetic perception and expression necessarily require decoding by the brain into language to attain meaning?  What is lost in translation?  We will also look at what forces—external and internalized—shape our continual performances of identity and readings of one another.  Does training in codified movement techniques enhance or hinder a performers’ capacity for authentic expression?  What educational practices in dance and theater foster corporeal intelligence and agency? Our research will involve a personal treasure hunt, unearthing memories and experiences that have been inscribed in our bodies over time by training, the media, and diverse personal, familial and cultural realities.  Together, we will honor the unique nature of what our bodies know, foregrounding the value of embodied scholarship in dance and theater.